About Us

With over 20 years of experience, AAA Aquatics provides superior service in aqautic weed control, lakefront beautification, and revegetation. While currently providing service to over 300 clients in and around polk county, AAA Aquatics strives to meet the needs and desires of our clients while helping to preserve the enviromental health of our lakes, ponds and waterways. All methods of vegetation removal and control are done in an enviromentally friendly manner, as all chemicals used are aquatic labled and specifically designed to be enviromentally friendly.AAA aquatics also provides revegetation services using all native vegetation to help prevent erosion and to help to provide and preserve a natural filtration system.

There are four general categories of aquatic plants: Submersed, Floating, emergent and algae.

AAA Aquatics can provide solutions to control or remove any of these vegetations. AAA Aquatics, "The total lakefront cleaning and restoration service." We do it all when it comes to aquatic weed control and revegetation.
AAA Aquatics also provides service customized to meet the needs of our clients on a monthly or bi-monthly maintenance plan,. keeping your lake, pond or waterway in
excellent condition year round. We offer a manicured look that will enhance the beauty of your property or a solution to contol and prevent overgrowth.
Aquatic weed control is necessary for the enviromental health of our lakes, ponds and waterways.

Please call for a free estimate and one of our specialists will be right out to assist you with all of your aquatic needs.


Thank you,

Keith Miller